Dear Patients,

Beginning August 2016 I will be in a new location at 8027 Leesburg Pike, Ste 304. The building is very accessible to the beltway and anchored by BJ’s Brewhouse and Nordstrom Rack. It is only 3 miles (on the same road) from our current location so I am excited to welcome you to the brand new space and the three private treatment rooms available. This location has two free parking garages as well as elevators for your convenience. Best of all, I will be working with Skyline Wellness at their third location in Northern VA. I appreciate the opportunity to work with like-minded healthcare practitioners such as chiropractors, massage therapists and psychotherapists. Stay tuned for the opening date and other announcements and specials! Thanks for all of your support!

In Health,

Kim Nguyen, L.Ac. Dipl. OM


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  1. Congratulations, Kim! I’m very excited for you and think you’ll love the new environment. Are you taking some well-deserved time off before you start your new gig?

    My foot surgery went well, I’m getting my stitches out tomorrow, and look forward to the walking boot (versus the crutches that I’m currently supposed to be using) that I’ll need to wear for a couple of week. My daughter and I are leaving on August 10 to drive my car and our pup out West. There are a couple of names of acupuncturists in the area I’m moving to that I’d like to pass by you. I also wanted to refill some of the herbs you found for me.

    Shall we just plan to communicate by e-mail since the dates of our respective moves seem to coincide?


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